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Get more from the Dartmouth holiday lettings market 

Holiday letting in Dartmouth

Do you own a holiday let in Dartmouth? Wish you had a bigger slice of the profits pie? Keen to spend more holidays in your own home? All this and a longing for simple, stress-free admin? If you’ve answered yes to any, or all, of these questions, then let us introduce you to the smart holiday lettings solution: HolidayHost professional hosting.

Our pioneering holiday lets model brings you more earnings from your Dartmouth holiday home, less complicated paperwork and as much time in your own home as you wish. A winning trio that also benefits from exclusive access to our team of local experts. On hand for you. 24/7. 

Why choose HolidayHost for your Dartmouth holiday let? 

At HolidayHost, we understand that your holiday let in Dartmouth is also your holiday home. This means you want as much profit as possible and more time in your own home. Unfortunately, traditional letting agencies tend to fail on both accounts.

Our professional hosting approach seeks to rectify this situation by giving you both, without compromising on quality, and offering you full support at the same time. We do this thanks to our team’s 50+ years of experience in South West holiday let management. 

In a nutshell: HolidayHost puts your interests first and foremost, so you have absolute control of your holiday let. After all, with a gem of a holiday let in Dartmouth buying a holiday home to let in dartmouth, why shouldn’t you be in the driving seat?

Less commission + more marketing = a better deal for you 

Here’s what we bring to the table at HolidayHost: solid holiday letting expertise and first-hand knowledge of the Dartmouth holiday let market. We then add a third ingredient to this dynamic duo: the marketing power of the top travel portals in the world (aka Airbnb, Expedia, Vrbo et al.) 

In itself, this trio is a compelling combination, but we’ve taken it one step further. All our clients benefit from our exclusive Client Dashboard, a super-useful and easy-to-work system that keeps you in touch with your holiday lettings in real-time. 

In a nutshell: choose HolidayHost for your Dartmouth holiday let and you benefit from this winning combination. As a result, you earn more profit and enjoy hassle-free admin. 

Your Dartmouth Host

Another aspect that sets HolidayHost professional letting apart from traditional agencies is our local hosts. Our person on the ground in Dartmouth knows the local holiday let market like the back of their hand and has years of experience under their belt. They use this to help you by: 

  • Putting their local knowledge to work to access your property and give you advice on how to improve it (remember, Dartmouth is one big competitive holiday letting market!). 

  • Advising you on your listing so that you get it right the first time and stand out in the crowded online portals. 

  • Helping you with your pricing strategy so that you charge the right amount to ensure good value for guests and maximum profit for you. Your Dartmouth Host will also review your prices on an annual basis. 

  • Ensuring you know exactly how our Client Dashboard works so that you can make full use of it to track your bookings and earnings in real-time. 

  • Managing all enquiries from guests – your Host will only contact you if absolutely necessary. 

  • Being available for you at any time. 

In a nutshell: Your Dartmouth Host is ready and waiting to share all this knowledge with you.

Where we operate in Dartmouth

Our Host and supporting team are on the ground in Dartmouth town itself. But they’re ready to help in nearby locations too such as Kingswear across the river or local villages like Dittisham and East Cornworthy. They form part of the wider South Devon HolidayHost team.

Why you need HolidayHost Professional Hosting 

Pay less to earn more 

Holiday lets in hotspots like Dartmouth have the potential to be profitable sources of income, but all too often, high commission gobbles up a big chunk of your earnings. 

Except when you use the HolidayHost professional hosting solution. We charge just 12% commission (plus VAT) for our services. In holiday let profit terms, that’s between 4% and 21% less than you pay with a traditional agency. 

In a nutshell: That’s 4% to 21% more for you. 

Enjoy your holiday home more

With HolidayHost Professional Hosting you’re the one choosing when you stay and for how long. Best of all, you can have as many or as few holidays in your own holiday home as you like. When you let holiday homes with a traditional self-catering agency, you usually forfeit control of the availability calendar. As a result, you’re often limited to off-peak use of your own home. 

In a nutshell: You (and only you) decide when your holiday home is available. 

Benefit from stress-free admin

As you probably know, holiday lets involve a pile of paperwork that soak up time and energy. For example, keeping track of bookings alone can consume hours. HolidayHost Professional Hosting takes care of all of it through the Client Dashboard and our team on the ground in Dartmouth. 

In a nutshell: Hassle-free holiday lets. 

Reap the best of both worlds

With HolidayHost Professional Hosting, your holiday let has local and global reach. Nearer to home, you have access to your Dartmouth Host who’s on hand for you and your guests. At the same time, your holiday let extends much further afield to anywhere in the world thanks to our powerful marketing on global travel portals. 

In a nutshell: Enhanced guest experience and more potential business. 

What they say about HolidayHost

As we’ve explained above, HolidayHost Professional Hosting has all the benefits. But you shouldn’t just take our word for it. Make sure you read our customer testimonials too. And to give you the full picture, we’ve included one from a holiday let owner (like you) and one from a guest who has stayed in a holiday let using our hosting solution (like yours). 

Serious about making your holiday let easier and more profitable and flexible?

“I cannot recommend ‘HolidayHost’ more highly. The communication, attention to detail and flexibility are outstanding. I wish I had known about all the benefits of having a holiday host sooner. It has made a great difference to the successful marketing of our property.”
Christine, at Fishermans, Dartmouth, who switched to HolidayHost in 2020