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Fowey, a picturesque town in Cornwall, often praised for its charming and idyllic atmosphere

Holiday lettings for owners who want more control and greater profits

Earn more from your Fowey holiday home

Holiday letting in Fowey & Surrounding Areas  

Unlock the smart way to let your property in Fowey and the surrounding area. With HolidayHost's professional hosting solution, you gain a larger share of profits, seamless administration, and flexible access to your own holiday home. Leverage the expertise of our local team to make the most of your holiday let experience.

What’s in it for you and your Fowey holiday let?

At HolidayHost, we understand the key elements of a successful holiday let in Fowey and the surrounding area. We recognise your desire to increase earnings, enjoy your home more frequently, and ensure your guests have an exceptional holiday experience. Unfortunately, many traditional letting companies prioritise their interests, often leading to disappointing outcomes for property owners.

This is where our extensive experience in the South West property industry, spanning two decades and boasting a cumulative 50 years of expertise, sets us apart.

The outcome? A professional hosting solution that prioritises your interests, keeping you in control while we handle all the administrative tasks and ensure your guests enjoy the holiday experience they deserve.

Lower commission + wider marketing

= more for you 

At HolidayHost, we offer holiday let owners a distinctive blend: our intimate understanding of Fowey and its letting market, coupled with our extensive experience in holiday rentals, and the marketing influence of the world’s premier travel portals.

The outcome? With our professional hosting service, you benefit from all three elements, saving time and minimising hassle, while maximising profits from your holiday let.

And for real-time insights into your holiday let's performance, our Client Dashboard provides a user-friendly system that tracks bookings and earnings 24/7.

Your local Fowey & Surrounding Area Host

Like the sound of a hassle-free holiday let in Fowey? 

Allow us to introduce Tracy, your Host and head of our local industry expert team. She’s on the ground in the area and a key player in ensuring the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your home is in hands you can trust.

Tracy forms an essential part of the HolidayHost experience and is there for you, your guests and your holiday let. Specifically, she’s in charge of:

· Using her local knowledge to understand your property and make recommendations.

· Walking you through our Client Dashboard so that you can view your bookings and payouts in real time.

· Handling all guest enquiries and only referring to you if absolutely necessary.

· Reviewing your listing and pricing strategies every year.

And don’t forget, you can easily contact your Host at any time.


Where we operate in Fowey

Tracy and her team are based in Par and on hand for your holiday let in key locations such as Fowey, Par, Polkerris and St Austell.

If you own a holiday let in Fowey or the surrounding area and would like more profit, less hassle and as much time in your home as you please, get in touch with Tracy to find out more about the HolidayHost professional hosting solution.

The Hosting Solution you need 

Make more from your property 

Isn’t it time you paid less commission and earned more from your holiday home? When you use the HolidayHost professional hosting solution, you pay just 12% commission (+VAT) for our services. This translates to between 4-21% less commission than you’d pay with a traditional agency.

The result? 4-21% more for you.

Stay more at your property

Traditional agencies tend to control availability of holiday homes and owners are often barred from their properties during school holidays and bank holiday weekends. With the HolidayHost professional hosting solution, you choose the dates to let your property so it’s available as much or as little as you want.

The result? Time for you at your property when you like.

Relax more with your property 

The HolidayHost professional hosting solution takes care of all the admin, aka creating your listing, managing and monitoring bookings and providing on-hand support through our North Cornwall host. And you can keep bang up to date with everything at any time via our user-friendly Client Dashboard.

The result? Hassle-free management and total control.

Reach wider with your property

HolidayHost provides local and global solutions. On the one hand, you tap into local expertise through our North Cornwall Host to support you and your guests. And on the other, you garner global reach through marketing on the biggest travel websites, taking your holiday let to anyone, anywhere in the world.

The result? Better guest experience and enhanced marketing.

What customers say about HolidayHost 

The best testimonials are always from customers themselves so let ours do the talking. And because holiday letting is a two-way channel, we’ve included thoughts from our holiday homeowners and guests who have stayed at their properties. 

This is a beautiful cottage in the most stunning location.

"It was all exceptional and the house is amazing!!The location, the facilities, the kids toys, the bbq, everything is so well thought out that it made our stay away so memorable.The hamper on arrival was a lovely touch also.We will stay again for sure." - Holiday home guest

Everything we wanted from a holiday let

"I cannot recommend 'Holiday Host' more highly. The communication, attention to detail and flexibility are outstanding. I wish I had known about all the benefits of having a holiday host sooner. It has made a great difference to the successful marketing of our property." - Holiday home owner

Find out how we can make your holiday let more 

profitable and flexible from you