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Leading the way in software to enhance our core customer service values

Customer service is the foundation of HolidayHost. A caring, helpful, thoughtful approach from which flows attention to detail and high standards, remains to be what we value and work to preserve above all else. 

Our development has been driven by our customer service goals. From helping property owners to retain more control and more of the profits from their holiday lets to the technology we use to keep homeowners in the loop.


Technology with intent

In particular, we use our own, dedicated software in the form of our Client Dashboard. Through a personal login, the Dashboard allows us to keep clients up to date in real time following every property visit and event. They can log in any time, anywhere and updates about bookings and guest stays. They can also add feedback themselves. That’s in addition to email and phone communication as standard.

Practical returns for property owners

The Client Dashboard is unique in the market. Created to make communications easier for absent, busy property owners who don’t always have time in the day to pick up a call or a text, it provides peace of mind. The result however, goes beyond convenient communications and has a far reaching value for clients in meaningful practical terms. 

For example, in addition to the peace of mind that it offers, it provides an online record of all events for property owners which can be used to support insurance claims or retained deposits.


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