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Why Devon & Cornwall holiday home owners choose HolidayHost

HolidayHost was set up to help holiday homeowners achieve two clear goals:

  1. To enjoy a greater share of the profits from letting their holiday home

  2. To have greater flexibility to use their holiday home as they wish
We have watched the changes in the holiday letting market over the years, and felt there was a need to provide homeowners with greater control, greater transparency and greater benefits from letting their much loved properties. 

However, we also know that there’s a lot involved in letting your holiday home and it isn’t always easy to know where to start. 

To remove the hassle of holiday let ownership and maximise profits for owners we combine three core strategies:

  1. leverage the reach and marketing power of online travel agents like Airbnb and Vrbo 

  2. use of our own custom-designed administration tools 

  3. more than 50 collective years’ experience in the holiday home industry 

Our clients choose us because:

HolidayHost earning

They earn more from their holiday homes

Online travel agents (OTAs) like Airbnb or Vrbo typically charge 3%-4% commission but don't take care of the compliance, communication and admin. HolidayHost allows you to harness the benefits of OTAs in combination with its expert service, for a combined commission of 13-14%. That’s between 4% and 21% less than traditional agency solutions.

holiday home

They can stay in their holiday home whenever they want

We don't restrict when you can stay or force you to allocate family and friend weeks like ‘traditional’ agencies do. Neither do we require back-to-back availability like niche agencies often do. 

With HolidayHost you can choose to let your property as much or as little as you like.

Our team

Our experienced team supports their business on the ground

HolidayHost brings together a team of locally based, 'professional hosts' with experience across holiday home management, hospitality, marketing, business and administration. Our team has decades of combined experience in providing coastal, rural and super yacht holidays in the UK and around the world.

take away the hassle

We take away the hassle of holiday let admin

If you haven’t let your holiday home before or you’ve been with an ‘old skool’ agent, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about, and whether you can host for yourself. Of course you can, but our clients love that we handle the nitty gritty details like safety compliance and pricing analysis for them.

 Total transparency

Total transparency and booking visibility

We understand that you still want to be fully informed about your property - who’s staying, when, what they said about it, what they paid, the costs of running it and what your profits are at the end of the day. Our custom-designed Client Dashboard gives you total transparency on all of that with easily accessible, detailed reporting, real time updates and revenue forecasts.  

High standards

High standards, a local team and repeat bookings

We communicate quickly with guests when they’re considering a booking, and our local boots on the ground are on hand just in case anything happens while they’re here. 

A good experience, even when things go wrong, means good reviews, and crucially, repeat bookings.