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Providing successful holiday homes

We help holiday homeowners make the most of their property by maximising profit and flexibility while providing the professional support that means your guests have a fantastic time and you enjoy hassle-free letting. 

A smarter solution to holiday let administration was clearly needed to combat the rising costs and shrinking profits for second homeowners in the holiday rental marketplace. HolidayHost supports owners with rural properties and coastal holiday lets in South Devon, North Cornwall and East Cornwall to strike a better balance of enjoyment and reward for all.  

We love giving you the freedom to own and enjoy your holiday let on your terms. We help you to let the smart way because we’re good at all the back office workload expected of a super Host.  Our commercial expertise is focused on your financial return after costs rather than packing in guest visits for the sake of it.”

Director, Josh Newman
Holiday home let by HolidayHost

Meet the HolidayHost team

At HolidayHost we bring together a team with a collective 50+ years’ experience in UK holiday lets. Plus, the team bring expertise in management, hospitality, marketing, business and administration. 

Together we have turned our experience, knowledge and local networks in South Devon, North Cornwall and East Cornwall towards meeting the changing needs of holiday homeowners seeking to let their properties in an evermore demanding market.

Woodlands holiday home let by HolidayHost

How did HolidayHost come about?

Over the past eight years, the team at HolidayHost has watched traditional holiday letting agents, launched in the ‘80s and ‘90s, become consumed by national and international profit-hungry conglomerates.

Despite great efforts by many of the people in those corporations, initiatives like remote regional representatives, have not been able to make up for the lost personal service and lack of local expertise. 

We’ve seen holiday let owners suffer from being a number in an algorithm, without the financial return to compensate for the reduction in service, and who often found their own visits sidelined. Guest safety and owner liability has also been a concern without local 'boots on the ground', especially in coastal and rural areas. 

At the same time, the rise in self-letting platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo have given holiday homeowners new opportunities. However, owners have found themselves with nowhere to turn for compliance, administration support and a knowledgeable local service. 

At HolidayHost we realised we could be the difference.

Crabshell Quay

What we do

HolidayHost is designed to help you make the most of your holiday home - physically and financially. That includes benefiting from a greater share of its profit, control over your property and when you use it, and total transparency when it comes to guest bookings and financial return, all whilst being supported by a professional team, dedicated to making your life easier and your guests happier.

For example:

  • We help set up your holiday let efficiently and effectively, including safety compliance, inventory organisation, sourcing changeover providers and creating your listing content.  

  • We provide direct access to real time financial and booking information, along with a calendar for you to book your own visits (as often as you like). 

  • You and your home are allocated a dedicated, local Host, who is your single point of contact and visits your property regularly. 

  • We assist with holiday letting price advice, listing creation, and manage booking administration and customer service. 

We do all of that and for up to 21% less than the traditional letting agencies.

HolidayHost was created to meet the needs of owners with rural properties and coastal holiday lets across South Devon, North Cornwall and East Cornwall. Find out what makes us best in class in the South West.