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In seasonal holiday destinations, when is the best time to buy a holiday let?

Spring on the horizon reminds us of why the UK, and South Devon in particular, is such a magical place to own a holiday home.  However, while being here is a joy, buying here can be subject to all the frustrations and delays that go with purchasing a property anywhere else in the country.

The plus side, is that at the end of the purchasing process, holiday home owners will not only have a property they can enjoy themselves, but one they may wish to let out for other people to enjoy as well.  However, as a seasonal holiday destination, you may be concerned that delays could mean missing the season and missing top earning potential from your property for another year.  When is it best to buy a holiday let?

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The necessary details of letting a holiday home

When letting a holiday home, it isn’t merely a question of collecting the keys and selecting a means of marketing but also the time required to making sure that the property conforms to relevant safety requirements and insurance regulations.  

This of course is in addition to tending to the style, aesthetic and facilities you will want to present to your guests to maximise letting revenues. This is where working in tandem with a trusted South Devon hosting service with established processes, can optimise the use of your time and prepare your property for market within weeks, if necessary, as well as carefully safeguarding your interests and working to optimise revenues.

Strategic holiday letting services 

HolidayHost brings together a team of experts with more than 50 years’ experience between us across holiday home management, hospitality, marketing, business and administration. Our team have decades of combined experience in providing coastal, rural and super yacht holidays in the UK and around the world. 

We spotted the model of Host + online travel agent a few years ago, as Expedia invested $3.9billion to acquire online travel agent HomeAway in 2016/17 and as local agencies launched in the 1980s and 1990s being bought up over the last five years by conglomerates who centralised the service and lost personalised and regional expertise. We have observed the changes in the industry and have seen property owners with those traditional agencies begin to feel like a number, with less and less autonomy over their holiday let.

We became increasingly aware of the lack of guidance regarding guest safety and owner liability without local 'boots on the ground'. So we launched the HolidayHost solution, to provide property owners with more autonomy and a greater share of the profits on their holiday let, but with the guidance and support of a professional host to help take care of administration, marketing and finances.  It is now available across the South West region and roll out in other tourism hotspots in 2021.

To date, a variety of properties have switched to working with us over more traditional models. Our properties were fully booked in 2020 for weeks that they were permitted to operate outside lockdowns, and are already let for the summer of 2021. Some of those listed within the last 30 days have benefitted from exceptional demand, generating £35,000 and £38,000 revenue.

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