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Copywriting for holiday let listings

While we all know that photos are important for marketing holiday homes in a competitive market, don’t underestimate the importance of the written word either.  Copywriting for holiday let listings is an essential part of taking your guests on a virtual tour of your property, getting a sense of whether it’s the right destination for them. 


Why is copywriting important for your holiday let listing?

For the prospective guest, what you write about your holiday home on your holiday let online listing should be a combination of information and inspiration. However, there’s also a technical element. You want your holiday home to be found by search engines, using SEO friendly wording that features essential keywords and headlines. In short, good copywriting helps to get bookings at your holiday let.
  • It inspires holidaymakers
  • It informs potential guests about what to expect
  • It helps people find what they’re looking for
  • It informs search engines about your holiday home 

How HolidayHost helps with copywriting

Part of the service that we offer at HolidayHost includes a whole suite of marketing and sales support to prepare your listing and make the most of placing your holiday home on the letting market. That includes copywriting, photography, price pointing, local advertising and monitoring guest feedback.

These all work together and are equally important in making sure you get maximum results from renting your holiday home in Devon or Cornwall. They need to be done alongside one another and with strategic intent. They take you from set up all the way through the lifecycle of your holiday let, for however many weeks of the year and for however long you choose to rent it out.

Copywriting is an essential part of the HolidayHost service. We have our own in-house copywriter who works with us to create effective, compelling and relevant copy to help promote your holiday home, when you join HolidayHost. 

You will have final approval of the copy before the listing goes live, and you will have the ability to add to or edit your listing any time and with our support.

Alongside access to our professional photographer, who we can commission to take photos of your home, we offer the complete set of services to make sure your property shines online.

HolidayHost copywriting services are informed by technical best practice as well as journalistic integrity, taking guests on a tour of your property and its key selling points within the local area.